Hi, I’m Kelsey.

From Oklahoma farmers daughter, to business owner and farmer’s wife in Eastern Europe.

When I’m not working on client projects, I love gardening, navigating cultural quirks, and building farm plans.
I hope that this site can create a dialogue to capture the opportunities that exist for developing rural communities in both the US and abroad, while also providing insight to the real obstacles and quirks that exist along the path.
Join me as I narrate the adventure of raising my family and building businesses between two countries.

What I do

I live in Moldova, but I am rooted in Oklahoma.
I am an agriculture economist and entrepreneur.
My husband and I farm a couple thousand acres of wheat, corn, sunflowers and canola in Moldova.
I spend most of my time in Chisinau (the Capital city). I am the Principal Economist of KB-Walkoma LLC, we have an office in the downtown area of Chisinau Moldova and also in Farmington NM. Our two offices work seamlessly between the 8 hour time difference to coordinate and implement projects related to agriculture development, water resources engineering, and environmental management and sustainable agriculture.
My team in Moldova speaks Romanian, Russian and English, and my team in New Mexico mostly speak Navajo. The working language for both offices is English if you were wondering.
As a company partner I am self-employed. It is complex, evolving, challenging, and most of the time 😉 I love it. However being in Chisinau makes me have withdrawals from being in the countryside and back in the US. I get homesick for open spaces and big skies.
These are the main reasons I started this blog.

  1. Connect with my community back home
  2. share my stories and experiences.

Who I am

A culture navigator
A gardening enthusiast
A cross border businessman
A land steward
A 5th generation farmer
A Technology enthusiast
A DIY (do it yourself) GURU
A specifications/planning/ measurement nut.
A connoisseur of office products
An expert farm operations and budget curator
A mix between cowgirl and cafe’ cappuccino drinker
The mother of a budding creative soul
The wife of a man of true grit
The product of a lifetime of investment of time and energy from friends, family, and partners who have guided me.
A student of spirituality and believer in intrinsic good.